Basic requirements for printing with us:

  • Be sure you have a physical printer available, turned on, and set as your default printer.
  • Use a compatible browser: Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome for Windows only

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.47.27 PM

Why do I see this prompt and what does it mean?


Applications such as ours prompt this "trusted authority" application dialogue box.  The blue shield in the bottom left hand corner confirms that the application has been designated a trusted authority by Java.

To proceed to print your coupons simply click "Run".  If you select the box that says, "Do not show again for apps from this publisher..." you may not have to complete this process again in the future.

For more information about alerts and certifications, click here to go to the Java website.


Why do I need Java in order to print a coupon?

  • Java is a universal programming language that allows you to print secure manufacturer coupons without the need to download software.

I am having trouble with my Java.

  • You might need to install or upgrade your Java to the newest version. Older versions of JAVA are not optimized to help your computer run programs. The upside to upgrading is that it means better security and performance for your computer, as well as printing coupons.
  • Just follow this link to installation instructions and more information about java: http://bit.ly/checkJava
  • Be sure to restart your browser when you have successfully updated your Java.

What if I cannot get my Java to work?

  • You can always print via our desktop printer. Simply re-try to print your coupon from the same place you did before and click on the coupon printer located in the customer service tab of our print window. You can always print using our desktop printer.  Simply print your coupon from the same place you did before, click the Help icon and then select Desktop Printer.  This will use the Java software already installed on your computer to process the print request.

I am receiving an “Error while printing” message.

  • If you receive this message, than you may need to try any number of tips from this page but it is most likely a browser error. Restart your browser (sounds simple, but it does work pretty often) or try a different one- Firefox and Safari are our favorites!!

I am getting a message about my printer.

  • Check to make sure your computer’s default printer is set to the correct printer and that your printer is a physical printer.

I am getting a message saying I have already printed.

  • This message could mean
    • You have printed the coupon at some point earlier in the campaign or
    • You have reached your print limit for this coupon. If you did not receive your coupon at all, you can contact our customer support team through the help tab on the print window.

I am attempting to print within a network.

  • You may need to wait and try to print when you are not restricted by a network. Contact the administrator of your network for permissions related to your firewall.

I was only able to print one coupon.

  • Our brands have the ability to select the number of prints allowed per user. Allowing only one print helps our brands spread their coupons to more people and prevent fraud.

I’m having trouble with the desktop printer.

  • Try using another browser. Sometimes different browsers work better with different systems. Check your browser download folder for the coupon file. If it is there, click it to initiate your print.

Why do I get an Internet security warning when using the desktop printer?

  • Your computer security settings could be set too high which could be restricting you from receiving the coupon file. Rest assured, the coupon file you are attempting to retrieve is safe.

Can I get my coupon emailed or mailed to me?

  • Our coupons can only be printed from the provided campaign link.

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